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Sunday, January 1, 2012

AllThingsNails! Ultimate Mani Picks - Top Eleven of 2011

Good Morning Lovelies!  I decided to do a somewhat popular yet unconventional take on "my" top lacquers for 2011.  

Some of these came out in 2011 and some did not but after looking at a years worth of manis, totaling well over 100, I decided to choose which of them made me the happiest to wear.

Whether it be that the picture came out awesome (Turquoise & Caicos), I received compliments galore (Milani - HD), the mani was linked to a special event (Prince Concert Mani or Bubbly Bombshell for my Anniversary) or there was some sort of nail craze (i.e. Chanel Peridot or Crackle Lacquer), these all marked great memories throughout the year.

 These are my Ultimate Mani Picks of 2011 and as always, there's a story behind each look so right click (open in a new tab) on the links below to revisit my personal favorites:  

Hope you enjoyed my 2011 Ultimate Manis in Review and have a great 2012!
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