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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dare 2 Wear Mood Polish - Blue Charcoal 2 Green

My latest mani is Dare 2 Wear Blue Charcoal to Green and was an extra in a lovely swap package that I received a few months ago.  

I had this color well before I purchased Essie Sew Psyched and once compared it's surprisingly similar except with more shimmer, as you can see.  

The shimmer is not noticeable without the flash, but for some reason the flash makes this this color look like a frost, which it is not.

The mood polish blue to green effect is no longer workingEDIT: Though, I've seen no charcoal blue, there is a darker green that is apparent when my hands are in cold water. The picture to the right shows what "cold" does to the polish. This after one day and tip wear is showing.  I really do like it, though. :)

Thanks for checking me out and have a well-polished Sunday evening!


  1. Very pretty!! It looks kinda sheer how many coats did you use?

  2. @rmcandlelight - Thanks! This pic was two coats and then I did a third afterwards but the it actually looked best at 2 coats. The flash is really making it look sheer.

  3. Love it!!!
    Funny how it changes color!
    hey, check out my new blog...Just started it! :)

  4. I'm so behind on blog reading! I really like how this polish looks when "cold"


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