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Thursday, October 14, 2010

NICE FIND! - Misa Earthward

I guess you can see that I'm full swing into the fall/dark color spectrum of my collection.  The problem is I've yet to wear a polish that I already own, I keep picking up new colors to swatch.  Anyhoo, today I decided to check out a few of my favorite spots to pick up a some vintage Misa's and Earthward was my favorite of the bunch.

Here's Misa Earthward on the nail.  This is about 3 coats (for the bald areas) and one coat of SH Mega Shine topcoat.  

The flash really captured the brown aspect of this color and what it actually looks like in the bottle, but with out intense light, it is a deep charcoal frost.  A frost that I don't mind, at all.
If you can imagine the brown version of OPI's My Private Jet but in a frost, this is what this color looks like to me.  Sometimes dark brown but mostly charcoal and 100% gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by and as always remain well-polished my dears!


  1. ohh this is so pretty! I dont particularity like frosts but I would buy this winner! Great find! Thanks for showing swatches of this unique bottle!

  2. That's a pretty one. I didn't even notice it was a frost.

  3. Very nice color! I need to figure out where they sell misa around here...


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