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Friday, October 29, 2010

NYC - Empire State Blue (10/29/2010)

This is one difficult color to capture.  NYC Empire State Blue has that "lit from within" green shimmer happening and it is sooo pretty. 

I picked this up a few weeks ago at the CVS BOGO 50% off.  I purchased this and Love Letters, the sheer pink glimmer coat, which gives a similar finish as the CND Effects line.

Anyway, back to Empire State Blue, it's actually a bit more green than my pics are showing.  Again, very hard to capture but definitely worth checking out at this price point.  I would compare the color to the Sephora by OPI's Mermaid to Order.

This Look: no base coat (I know, shame on me!), two coats of NYC ESB, and 1 coat SH Mega Shine.

Alrighty, then off to start planning my weekend.  I will be doing lots of housework and possibly a little remodel work so I really am hoping not to damage my nails, at all.  The mani won't survive, I'm sure but will definitely try to protect the hands.

In real life, this color looks more like the picture to the left.  This is an extremely old Sally Hansen called Funky Frost topped with Pure Ice Heartbreaker. 

I have have been trying to create the look of Empire State Blue since July but now I found it and yay for only 0.99 cents...

Have an awesemely well-polished weekend and talk to you soon. :)


  1. I love Heartbreaker! such a nice blue!

  2. great color! i think i might have this, i am going to look! thanks for showing it!

  3. I think I've got this buried in my collection somewhere...

  4. What a gorgeous blue! Had no idea it looked this good. I was passing it up now I have 2nd thoughts :)


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