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Thursday, July 21, 2011

China Glaze: Black Label vs. White Label - What's The Difference?

Many of you know that I'm not working right now and because of that I have ample time to organize my home, including my nail polish stash. Imagine over 6 months of nail polish in bags and boxes, from swaps and dusty hunts and you name it - well that was my yesterday.  Sometimes I buy dupes to share and other times I find that I already own the same exact polish and to the "swap box" it goes.  Amazingly I only came across two dupes while organizing, which were, OPI Take The Stage and China Glaze Let's Do It in 3-D from the Kaleidoscope collection.  

I was in a real dilemma because the OPI's were exactly the same and to the swap box one went that was not the case with the China Glaze.  One had a white label and one had a black label.  Puzzling?  So I go to my other China Glaze lacquers and the majority of these are black labels and then upon closer examination the white label Kaleidoscope was just a bit more holographic in appearance and slightly more liquid in the bottle -  I couldn't bear to give up this dupe, which led me to "the board" - lol. MakeUp Alley to the rescue!

Most of my readers are familiar with MakeUp Alley because you are fellow bloggers and may have had your "blogger beginnings" there, like me.  Well, for those of you who aren't familiar with MUA, as we lovingly call it, is an online platform that prides itself on providing "Streetwise Beauty" from everyday women like you and me.  From product reviews, to the latest Nordstrom sale, you'll find it there and many times before the products hit the stores.  Well, that's where I went to find out what was up with these labels. 

Black Label on left, White Label on right
To the Nail Care Board I went!  But before posing the question on the discussion thread, I decided to do a search and found my question had already been asked many moons ago (or maybe only four months ago - lol) by one of my Favorite Nail Fanatics, Jackie S., from Candy Coated Tips.  I didn't have to look long and hard because this isn't really a common question or I surely would have seen in in my close to two years as a member of MUA.  Her post was the most comprehensive of the lot: and was straight to the point.

So after all of this history what's the difference between the white label and the black label?  The white label is the original color of the labels before nail lacquer companies "went green" and changed the formulation to B3F or Big 3 Free: free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde.  OPI went from black writing to green writing on the bottom of their bottles and now I'm finding out that China Glaze went from white labels to black labels.  I'm sure many other companies have done the same thing but these are the two I know for sure. 

Hope you had as much fun on this journey of discovery as I have and if you've read this far, you're a trooper and thanks for stopping by.  Do you have any white label China Glaze lacquers?  Would ♥ to hear from you...
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