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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SPOTTED @ Rite Aid: NEW Wet 'n Wild Collection + NOTD

This is the new limited edition display called the "wildshine - glitz n glam" collection from wet 'n wild (Fall/Winter). 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and a steal at only 0.99 cents each.  
Here's a sampling, from top to bottom we have: Midnight (index), Extravaganza (middle), Champagne (ring), Celebration (pinky)...

I consider all of these very nice, but of exceptional beauty are my three faves, Midnight (blueish purple with holo glitter), Extravaganza (crimson jelly red with gold and red glitter/flecks), and Champagne (on the same line as OPI Glitzerland).
I purchased: Extravaganza, Champagne, Midnight, Countdown, Celebration

NOTD: WnW Extravaganza (09/28/2010)
Pick yours up so you can be well-polished even on a budget!  Until next time, smooches :)


  1. Lovely! & I agree wholeheartedly about being well polished even on a budget! Thanks so much for sharing. :O)

  2. You know midnight is the one I naturally gravitate towards :). However, it reminds me of another one by the brand that I have already called Wild Orchid...
    Oh, and of course I'm not buying any more nail polish this year (giggle)!
    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. @1xellus1 - True that and YW!

    @ABOP - I apologize for tempting your tips (lol)! You're so welcome about the "heads-up", at 0.99 and LE @ that, these will be gone in no time :)


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