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Monday, June 27, 2011

Salon Spotlight: It's A Secret...

This is the first in a small series of my favorite nail salon's in the Los Angeles area that will be called Salon Spotlight!  I say "small" because I can literally count the nail salons on one hand that I've been to in the last 20 years and absolutely adored.  I must say that It's A Secret Salon is at the top of the list.

Margaret and Me with a little "swag bag" for my favorite salon owner! (6/2/2011)
Everyone knows that AllThingsNails! is a natural nail care blog but up until March of last year (2010) I had on acrylics and although I've since removed them and started maintaining my own nails, I still get questions on salons that I would recommend.  So, whether it be acrylics or natural nails, the salons that will be mentioned in this series are one of a kind. I would still go back to them for a little TLC in the future!

Margaret Thomas is the owner of It's A Secret in Culver City, California and I've known her since the early 90's.  She is one of the most creative and talented nail-artisans in the city and is always keeping up with her craft and at the top of her game.  Here's her story:

"Margaret Thomas had a vision 25 years ago to use nails as a canvas for her artwork.  Inspired by her best friend, Charlette Fortune-Key, who at the time adorned her hands with 3 inch nails, they set off to study the art of Nail Technology.  Over the years she has painted everything from flowers to sunsets, portraits of Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Batman and the Joker and abstract designs.  In 1996 she placed 3rd in a National Nail Art contest sponsored by Flo-Jo, the Olympic Track Star famous for her long nails and original nail art.  That one nail received a prize of $1,000.00!  She has manicured nails for the cover of Essence Magazine, Actors, Musicians, as well as countless loyal customers over the years."

Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore - Margaret is true gem.  If you're in the Los Angeles area please feel free to call her to make an appointment at 1-310-216-9520.
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