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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

American Apparel Swatches - Greens (Mac Arthur Park and Army Jacket)

Today I'm turning over a new leaf - thus, the color choice for this post!  Over the past year I've picked up 12 of these lovely American Apparel lacquers without swatching one.  So, here are swatches of few colors I picked up last weekend:
Army Jacket

I the formula is to die for...  The colors are great and I don't know exactly what took me so long to try them on.  I guess they just look so pretty in the bottle.
Mac Arthur Park

Which color would you like to see swatched next? I have one in mind but definitely welcome suggestions.
Including the two in today's post, I currently own:
Peacock, Manila, Pinto, Palms Springs, Summer Peach, Butter, L'Esprit, Mount Royal, and Office.

These lacquers are currently being sold American Apparel stores and online for $6 or 3/$15.  Which do you own?  Can't wait to hear from my well-polished readers.
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