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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun-Friday Mani: OPI/China Glaze - Teenage Dream Layered with Black Mesh

I know, I know!  You may have seen this combo a hundred times, but I finally broke down and purchased a crackle nail lacquer.  Crackles are not necessarily my cup of tea but I wanted to try out China Glaze Black Mesh, so here's my review.  Oh, and my friend highly recommended OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection, so I'm giving that a whirl, as well.

Color Description:  
Black Mesh goes on nice and thin, dries to a deep matte black and crackles thin and fast.  OPI's Teenage Dream is very sparkly and girly with various types of glitter including larger round holographic sparkles.  I actually used Black Mesh to calm down Teenage Dream.

Similar To
OPI's Black Shatter is very close to Black Mesh from China Glaze's CRACKLEglaze Collection , however, the OPI version has a thicker consistency and may dry a bit slower.  Teenage Dream has been compared as a pinker/prettier version to Sally Hansen's Strobe Light by Addicted To All Things Pretty.  I've now tried both and totally agree!

This Look:  
I based two coats Teenage Dream with Chameleon's Calypso and then added one thin coat of Black Mesh.  Topped that off with my Shine & Hold Top Coat.

Price Point/Availability:  
Chameleons Calypso is readily available at drugstores nationwide (i.e. Rite Aid); Black Mesh and Teenage Dream, not so much.  These two are both Limited Edition I picked mine up with in the last week at JC Penney (Teenage Dream) and Sally Beauty Supply (Black Mesh).  Right now JC Penney is having a BOGO50% for their OPI in the Salon section of the store and Sally's has their China Glaze priced at $4.99.

Have you gotten into the crackled effect?  It took me a long time but like I said I fell for it and though it's not LOVE, it's not HATE either - IT'S JUST PLAIN FUN...  Would love to hear you well-polished thought down below!
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