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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Milani - Purple Mirror (3/15/2011)

Color Description:  Purple Mirror is a glowy, metallic purple with a satin finish.  I was at a Mom & Pop beauty supply store (the kind that specialize in wigs - lol, if you get my drift) and came across this beauty.  So happy I did!  I'd never seen nor heard of this color and when I googled, it looks like no one else has either.

Similar To: The only lacquer I have in my collection that comes close to this is a very old Orly from the Satin Hues Collection called Satin Finesse.  Can you think of anything else?  Would love to know of more colors like this.

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Purple Mirror, one coat of Mega Shine and another coat of my local favorite, Shine & Hold.  Because Purple Mirror dried down, somewhat, flat I put two topcoats but this morning its finish is still satin - still nice.

Price Point/Availability:  This can still be found online in a few places, but it looks like this lacquer dates back to 2007 or before, so it may be hard to find at a brick and mortar.  I happened to pick up an extra ("one for me and one for you") so I will try to do my first "GIVE-AWAY" with it or swap it away.  Not sure if anyone else will be interested!   All I know is I like it A LOT... :)

Can't wait to package this one up and send it to one of you well-polished cuties!  Until then... take care.
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