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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen - Midnight (3/5/2011)

Incandescent Lighting
Painting nails with a pen is an interesting concept and not necessarily in a good way.  For instance, I kept getting the paint all over my hands, I dropped the pen and it got on the bedspread and the carpet.  It was kind of a nightmare but the color is nice. Isn't that all that matters?

Color Description/Application:  Midnight is a deep blue shimmer that looks creme in dim lighting.  It went on well, but the formula was oddly greasy and smears easily if you're not careful and me having butter fingers tonight didn't help the situation.

Similar To: Midnight is not at all unusual; similar to many dark blues on the market.  The only thing different about this polish is the click-pen application and the formula.

Camera Flash
This Look:  I have on two coats of the nail lacquer and one coat of Z Super Dry topcoat (will not be keeping this look on for long so did not apply a base coat and grabbed the first t/c could find).

Price Point/Availability:  Ulta is selling these pens online for $3.89 ea.  I picked mine up in the  Sally Hansen Nail Glam Party Pack at Rite Aid for 75% of the retail price of $9.99.  So I received 5 colors, a few treatments and some nail tools for a little over $2.00 after tax - woohoo!!!

Well, have a well-polished weekend!

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