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Saturday, March 19, 2011

CLOSE-UP: Designer Perfect Eye Liner Brush (for NP Clean-Up)

I found this Designer Perfect Eye Liner Brush at Big Lots last week and thought I'd try one for its intended purpose, eye liner, and one for nail polish clean-up. 

I've used many types of brushes in the past but there are a few reasons why I like this one the best.

        1. The fact that it's angled makes it versatile.  I can clean a little (with the tip of the brush) or a lot (with the entire length of the brush).
        2. The bristles are white, which makes it easy to see if there's left-over nail polish on the bristles.  This is especially nice when using dark nail colors.
        3. My favorite thing about this brush is that the bristle are very thin yet sturdy.  Thin is important so that you don't remove too much polish and sturdy is nice so that you can really get in between the nail and cuticle area when cleaning.

I'm just seeing this brush pop up at my Big Lots, and hopefully this post will help someone that is still looking for the perfect clean-up brush or maybe you don't have one yet; either way, this is a nice way to stay well-polished for $1.00.

Do you use a brush for clean-up?  If so, what type...  Let me know if you pick this up and how you like it!
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